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Thoughtful: "showing consideration for others; considerate; characterized by or manifesting careful thought"

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Thoughtful Vision.

Specially crafted for Chefs catering to kids and their families.

Our kids dream of a better future... and they are the ones who make it happen. They want peace, health, happiness and they care about mother earth; at THOUGHTFUL, our humble contribution is to help them make delicious food choices, for a healthier and more sustainable planet; to do so, we have developed delicious plant-meat mixes to accommodate all sorts of meals, which we sell to Chefs catering to kids and their families.

Support Local!

Developed and produced in Singapore, Thoughtful is “25% lower in saturated fat & sodium compared to regular plant-based alternative meats” in the market.

Nutritious with high protein quality.

Suits all cuisines, cooking methods, diets, and religious requirements.

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Make A Difference!

"Reducing meat consumption can have a direct impact on climate change. In fact, you can reduce your footprint by a quarter just by cutting down on red meats such as beef and lamb." - (Green Eatz)

In our common pursue for delicious & nutritious food, let us all be the stewards of our shared natural resources and the future of our beautiful planet Earth.

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Kid Chefs

Thoughtful Products.


24gr Protein/ 9gr Fiber


14gr Protein/ 7gr Fiber

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18gr Protein/ 8gr Fiber

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18gr Protein/ 8gr Fiber

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Thoughtful is so easy & versatile to work with. The plant-mince meat behaves just like ground meat, caramelizing beautifully and blends well with all sorts of herbs & spices for my recipes. Happy that it is not highly processed and seasoned. Recommending Thoughtful to my clients who value their health, good taste, and the planet.

- Flix Ang, Chef & Consultant

The best plant-based meat brand I’ve eaten as a vegetarian! Tried all 4 flavors to cook dishes with vegetables, spaghetti Bolognese & fried rice. Every dish turned out so yummy my family couldn’t believe they were served plant-based meals. Very simple to prepare, tasty & nutritious. I thank my friend for introducing Thoughtful to me and will highly recommend this brand to anyone, vegetarian or not!

- Serene Koh, Homemaker

I used the THF Protein Dry Mix to create delicious Indian-style spicy Kebabs. I added spring onions and  Indian spices to the mix and baked them instead of frying, it turned out amazing, it is hard to believe it's plant-based, I recommend it a hundred percent.

- Alka Chugh, Mother of two teenagers