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Deliciously Better Future.

Our Product.

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Starting with our unique, 100% Natural Thoughtful powder, we offer you a highly versatile product that can be transformed into an infinite number of dishes simply by adding water; only your imagination is the limit

Delicious and Nutritious plant-based meat... 

Of course, you will wonder if it tastes and behaves like real meat?


Yes, but only Better!

Thoughtful: "showing consideration for others; considerate; characterized by or manifesting careful thought"

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Our Vision.

Specially crafted for Chefs catering to kids and their families.

Our kids dream of a better future... and they are the ones who'll make it happen. They want peace, health, happiness and they care about Mother Earth. At THOUGHTFUL, our humble contribution is to help them make delicious food choices, for a healthier and more sustainable planet. To do so, we have developed delicious plant-meat mixes to accommodate all sorts of meals, which we sell to Chefs catering to kids and their families.


What makes us so Special.

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Developed and produced in Singapore, Thoughtful is “25% lower in saturated fat & sodium compared to regular plant-based alternative meats” in the market.

Nutritious with high protein quality.

Suits all cuisines, cooking methods, diets, and religious requirements.


Unique & Beautiful, Our mother Earth deserves care.

Changing how we eat will not be enough, on its own, to save the planet, but we cannot save the planet without changing how we eat.


Jonathan Safran Foer

It is without any doubt that plant based meats win when it comes to the health of our planet. Eating THOUGHTFUL will not only allow you to keep enjoying the foods you love but also contribute to the well-being of future generations. In our common pursue for delicious & nutritious food, let us all be the stewards of our shared natural resources and the future of our beautiful planet Earth.

Kid Chefs

Looking for Something? 

Ask us Anything.


Flix ANG
Chef & Consultant

Thoughtful is so easy & versatile to work with. The plant-mince meat behaves just like ground meat, caramelizing beautifully and blends well with all sorts of herbs & spices for my recipes. Happy that it is not highly processed and seasoned. Recommending Thoughtful to my clients who value their health, good taste, and the planet.

What our customers think.

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