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Eat well 
Live well

Going Healthy and Sustainable while enjoying great tasting food is our aim at Thoughtful. 

We advocate supplementing more meals with plant-based options to reduce the environmental impacts, whilst not sacrificing our well-being and need to enjoy great tasting meals.

Bringing together our experiences in food technology, sustainability, and culinary skills, Thoughtful developed a solution to encourage, enable and educate our society as we move towards more conscious ways of eating; Thoughtful Plant-based Protein Dry Mixes.


One of the issues of a vegetarian and plant-based lifestyle is not getting enough protein. Thoughtful is an ideal product to fill that void, providing the perfect protein that includes all the necessary essential fatty and amino acids the body needs to stay strong and healthy.


In Delicious Taste, We Trust.

Once reconstituted, Thoughtful has a texture just like ground meat which can be used as a meat substitute in burgers, stir-fries, gyozas, pizza toppings, meatballs, soups, stews, sauces, etc. Since Thoughtful does not pile in a long list of artificial seasonings or flavours, it can be deliciously spiced and seasoned to suit all dietary requirements.

When talking Delicious, we mean : 

     Simple ingredients  (Maximum 5 to 6 natural components)

     Simple preparation

     Developed by Master Developers with more than 20 years of experience

     Approved by Singaporean, European and Middle-East Chefs

     Suitable for Asian recipes

     Brings back the joy of cooking sharing, inclusive for all diets religions


Healthy never tasted so good.


Sure, the taste is here, but Thoughtful also addresses one of our main concerns these days: Better Health.

Did we mention that our Thoughtful products are 100% natural and contain no GMOs or MSG? Oh wait, there is much more ! 

          Thoughtful is also : 
                  100% Plant-Based

                  Rich in Protein, High in Fiber
                  Low Carbs, Low Sugar 
                  No added Fat

                  Naturally No Cholesterol

                  Highest quality Protein (PDCAAS) score of 1 with complete amino acid profile*        

                  No added Salt, 25% lower in Saturated Fat and Sodium compared to plant-based alternatives

*Protein Quality is determined by using the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) method in measuring a protein’s ability to provide adequate levels of essential amino acids for human body needs. The closer the score is to 1.00, the higher the protein quality. PDCAAS reference score for egg = 1.


Let's enter the Future of Sustainable Food.

You agree with us that taking care of our Mother Earth should not be put aside, don't you ? 

Do you know that creating our Thoughtful plant-based meat requires 5 to 10 times less water than traditional meat? Wait, there's more!

Thoughtful makes it real  through: 

     Ambient ~ Lower carbon emission with no freezer transportation and storage required

     Long shelf life ~ Zero food waste

     Made in Singapore ~ Less carbon footprint for local restaurants, caterers, and consumers

     Unbeatable end-to-end cost efficiency

Less water.png
Less GHG.png

It is through these small actions that we will make a big step towards a Better and more Sustainable world for the Future generation


Deliciously Better Future.

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