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Demand for plant-based meat is accelerating and consumers of all ages concerned for their health and the planet are actively looking for more sustainable options. For Thoughtful, we are not “just another new brand” jumping in but here to offer a real versatile solution with better nutrition, taste, and affordability…Made in Singapore.

Chefs love Thoughtful because the product works like real ground meat suitable for all cuisines and diet groups. Unseasoned, minimally processed, ambient means unlimited possibilities for menus,
longer shelf-life, zero food waste, and cost efficiency.


Thoughtful can be incorporated into tacos, gyozas, pot pies, pizzas, koftas, curries chili and many more, not just burgers and nuggets!

We love to support our partners with free resources to grow businesses together. These includes recipe database, in-store marketing assets, cooking guides, co-brand activations and staff trainings.


So, let’s get Thoughtful! Contact us to start chatting.

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