Classic Bolognese pasta, Lasagne, Burger patties, Meatballs, Shepard’s Pie, Rendang & more!


Ingredient list:

82% Soyprotein concentrate, cultured dextrose (maltodextrin), Natural flavour, methylcellulose, malt extract, stabilizer (xanthan gum).

Thoughtful Plant-based Beef Dry Mix

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  • ServingSize:100g(1/2 cup)

    Per 100g Dry Mix

    Per 100g **


    1410 KJ (337Kcal)

    395 KJ (94Kcal)


    55.8 g

    15.6 g

    Total Fat

    0.7 g

    0.2 g

      Saturated Fat

    0.2 g

    0.1 g

      Trans Fat

    0.0 g

    0.0 g


    0 mg

    0 mg


    29.6 g

    7.5 g

      Total Sugar

    0.5 g

    0.1 g

    Dietary Fibre

    19.0 g

    5.3 g


    560 mg

    157 mg

    ** Nutrients values declared are from product only prepared based on label direction.

    * Nutrition facts refer to a 100g of THOUGHTFUL DRY MIX, which is equivalent to 357g of reconstituted meat (with addition of water, without addition of oil).

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